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What makes a good website checklist?

How Does My Website Measure Up?

This year we are celebrating 15 years in the faith-based marketing space! Wooo-hoo! Our motto around Faithworks is to always put a high value on creating the right brand for your church, non-profit or business. This isn’t just our mission statement on our website, but rather the lens we look through while working on every client project. I know first hand the end result, products and services we give our clients isn’t something that they can get on these cheap, quick project based websites. We spend time getting to know the true heartbeat of our clients so we can give them the best quality representation of their brand. All while getting your project completed on tight deadlines!

We believe this high-quality standard is the same in the digital marketing space. Your website should be the hub that all your digital marketing strategies are connected back to. We have put together a winning website checklist that meets our highest quality standard.

My website has….

  • A unique look and feel that is the best representation of your mission as a brand online.
  • An attractive mobile responsive website that looks good on any device.
  • Monthly traffic analytics installed to track what pages your visitors are looking at on your site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). – This helps to get more of your target audience to your site, organically. And to rank on the first page of Google for your unique keywords.
  • A Content Management Solution (WordPress) – This allows website owners to make content updates without having to pay a web designer to do minor weekly/monthly content updates.
  • The most up to date website software and is running the latest version of PHP on the web server.
  • Website security protection on the backend to help prevent hackers and spammers from getting into your site.
  • An SSL certificate installed so your site is secure and won’t be a reason some browsers hide my site.
  • A daily backup plan so you won’t lose your website, in the event of hackers or server issues.
  • A high website grade overall, including performance, SEO, security. This tremendously helps your Google rankings.

As you can see there is much more that goes into web design and digital marketing experience as a whole than just a great design. We want happy clients that want to stay with us as we provide the best digital design services! Contact us, if you want us to get your site up to the highest standard of performance, SEO and design!


Article written by Mindy BrockGraphic Designer at Faithworks Image Consulting

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