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Kent Elliott

President / Lead Image Consultant


As Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, Kent comes to the table understanding the passion and vision of other senior pastors and how their heart beats for the community they are called to reach.  Kent understands that image and branding are key factors in connecting churches to communities that are influenced by what they see.

For twelve years, Kent worked for one of the “top ten” banks in the US.  His final years in his secular job, he served as a project manager in marketing that targeted small business owners with annual revenues between 3 and 10 million dollars in annual sales.  He now brings his love for marketing to help churches, pastors, missionaries, and nonprofit organizations around the globe.  This has naturally moved into helping many for profit businesses as well.

Kent often says, “FAITHWORKS was not created because I needed another job, but was created with a passion to help churches and organizations reach their world!”

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Heather Foster

Lead Designer


Heather started college as a science major…until Organic Chemistry… and then decided her brain would be best used at making things look pretty. She graduated in 1999 at the top of her class with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida with a concentration in Graphic Design.

She started freelancing for FaithWorks in 2004. As business grew, so did the demand for more hours in the art department, which led into full-time employment and now is in a lead role over multiple designers. 

 “I’ve been in love with art and design since the day I picked up my first crayon. Constantly drawing, doodling and making things as I grew up, deep down I always knew that I wanted to pursue a creative career just didn’t know I could actually get paid for it. While I spend most of my days on the computer, I love finding ways to work with my hands in projects with my kiddos. I’m a firm believer in the power of a strong concept with an unexpected execution and with these beliefs in mind, I challenge myself to explore every project.

I’ve been with the company from the very beginning of its start-up days. It has been so exciting to watch the growth and be a part of something that was good…but is shaping and forming into something greater. I am inspired constantly from the talent that surrounds me with our designers. Our team is strong and consistently pushing to rise creatively to the next level for our clients.”

Her work is rooted in research, inspiration, and open dialogue. She delights in finding imaginative solutions for complex problems and moving ideas from good to great. She takes typography very seriously, fonts are no joke. Spellcheck is her best friend and worst enemy

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Tim Burk

Senior Graphic Designer / Web Designer


Tim is a multifaceted designer who prides himself in the quality of his craft. A self-taught designer, he has a constant drive to learn more in all areas of design. Tim believes that good design matters, and that it shapes the way we interact with the world around us. 

Tim’s experience is based on both physical and digital mediums. Starting early on as a Carpenter, he learned what it takes to develop your craft and solve physical real world design problems. This skill led him to his first professional design job.

In 2010 he took a job as a Display Artist with Urban Outfitters. This job was the perfect marriage of his design skills and his Carpentry experience. Tim was responsible for all things visual within the retail space. This involved building fixtures to display product, designing/building art pieces throughout the store, as well as creating large window displays. 

Later, he worked as the Marketing Director for a growing energy company. He was able to help the company to double its revenue within a year by managing their presence on the web. His responsibilities included building and optimizing the company website through SEO, while also managing a successful Google Adwords campaign.

From there, Tim took a job at the Pentecostal Publishing House, where he worked on an array of jobs ranging from designing book covers to developing branding for new projects and products. This experience gave him the opportunity to give his design abilities back to God to advance his kingdom.

Tim is extremely grateful to, once again, be using his experience in design to partner with churches, and faith-based organizations and businesses to advance their vision. 

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Mindy Brock

Graphic Designer / Web Designer


Mindy is a Graphic Designer who sees life as one colorful adventure after another and finds enchantment in the ordinary. Traveling, missions, photography and coffee are just a few of her passions.

Previously, she worked as a marketing manager for a consulting company, website content specialist for TCT network, an agency ad designer and also has been designing since the early 2000’s. Being a full time freelance designer for over two years now, she is grateful to be a part of a team that shares her same values and goals.

She graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Communication Design. She is the media director at her local church and feels extremely blessed to be working for the kingdom of God doing what she loves!

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